Friday, September 20, 2019 12:53


Iranian Film Critic, Zaven Ghokasian Passes Away at 65

Prominent film critic Zaven Ghokasian passed away on February 20 at the age of 65 in his home in Isfahan following a long battle with stomach cancer. Ghokasian had spent five months in hospital in Austria and underwent stomach surgery in September. On January 27 he finally returned to his hometown of Isfahan. Upon return to Iran he was again  where he was transferred to hospital undergoing more general exams and after about two weeks around February 10 finally he returned home where he had to finally surrender in the battle against cancer. » read more

Khuzestan cancer cases skyrocket over past 15 years

Red Crescent sources report a 500-percent increase in the number of cancer patients in Khuzestan in the past 15 years. Ahwaz, the capital of Khuzestan, is considered one of the most polluted cities in the world, and Kaveh Jaseb told IRNA that lung, stomach and blood cancer are respectively the most common forms of cancer in the province. » read more

Health Ministry reveals most deadly cancers for Iranians

The head of the cancer department of Iran’s Health Ministry reports that the most fatal cancer for men across the country is stomach cancer and for women is breast cancer adding that 90,000 new cancer cases are reported each year. » read more

Recent celebrity deaths highlight prevalence of cancer

The recent passing of Iranian pop singer Morteza Pashaei and young actor, Majid Bahrami has focused attention on the growing number of deaths caused by cancer in the country. Pashaei was afflicted with stomach cancer and Bahrami had blood cancer. » read more

Department warns of cancer risk from broadcast-jamming waves

Iran’s Department of the Environment says all interference waves could potentially cause cancer and it recommends the complete elimination of these waves. » read more

Former minister summoned over “unhealthy gasoline”

Former oil minister Massoud MirKazemi has been summoned to court after a suit was filed against him for ordering the production of “unhealthy gasoline.” » read more

Medical official reveals steep rise in cancer rate

Iran's Chief of Internal Medicine reports a rise of 20 to 30 percent in the number of cancer cases in the country, adding: “By next year, we will have 400,000 cancer patients in the country.” » read more

Statistics show Iran’s cancer rate rising fast

The chairman of the Cancer Research Center of Iran, Mohammad Esmail Akbari, says 41,000 Iranians die of cancer each year and Iran’s cancer rate is among the world’s fastest rising. » read more

Zanjan-area factory shut down after protest

In the wake of a protest by the people of Zanjan, the lead and zinc factory on the outskirts of the city has been shut down. » read more

Zanjan protesters link cancers to factory emissions

Zanjan citizens staged a widespread protest on Sunday in front of the governor’s office and the office of the Friday Imam, denouncing the pollution spewed by lead and zinc factories near the city. » read more