Friday, September 20, 2019 03:10

bomb attacks

Wounded from attacks in Yemen treated in Iran

A number of people wounded in the suicide attacks in Yemen on Friday March 20 have been transferred to Iran for treatment. » read more

Iran’s Kabul embassy rocked in bomb attack targeting Turks

A bomb exploded in front of the Islamic Republic embassy in Kabul on Thursday February 26. The explosion, which was claimed by Taliban forces, killed a Turkish embassy staff member and a passerby. » read more

Iranian ambassador’s Libyan home hit by bomb attack

A bomb explosion in front of the Iranian ambassador’s residence in the Libyan capital caused minor damage to the building, which was empty at the time. » read more

Iranian pilgrims killed, injured in Iraq

A bus carrying Iranian pilgrims to Samarrah was the target of a bomb attack in Iraq today that left two people dead and 15 injured. » read more

Blast hits Iranian pilgrim bus in Baghdad

A bomb explosion near an Iranian pilgrim bus in Baghdad left several people dead or injured. » read more