Sunday, August 25, 2019 05:38


Basij forces given go ahead to enforce hijab compliance

Iranian Parliament has approved a bill allowing Basij forces to give verbal warnings to people in public regarding their compliance with the Islamic dress code. » read more

IRGC leader wants economic role for guards, Basij

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) spoke out against the Rohani administration for failing to use the capabilities of the IRGC and the Basij militia in establishing policies for achieving the economy of resistance. » read more

Jalili seeks greater global influence for Islam

Saeed Jalili, a chief presidential candidate for Islamic Republic hardliners, told his first campaign meeting that he intends to “spread the influence of Islam in the world. » read more

Heavy security on call for Iranian election

The Tehran Governor said on Wednesday March 13 that 99 Basij battalions and 15,000 police officers are prepared to keep the peace during the presidential election in June. » read more

MP calls for accountability in fatal field trip

The death of 26 students on a field trip to southern Iran has drawn fire from the media and the Iranian Parliament, with an MP calling for the Basij chief to be accountable for the accident. » read more

Special forces end mock policing exercises

In the final stage of a drill by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Basij forces ran a mock confrontation with rebels in the streets of Tehran in a preparation drill to deal with so-called “city disturbances.” » read more

Head of Basij condemns Iranian reformists

Mohammadreza Naghdi, head of Iran’s Basij militia says the Iranian reformists are more “adversarial” than the “terrorists of the eighties” in Iran. » read more

Iran's Basij chief offers peacekeepers for Britain

Commander Naghdi, the head of Iran's Basij militia, described the recent riots in Britain as "an uprising for justice" and announced that his Ashura Battalions are prepared for deployment to Britain as peacekeepers. » read more

Two Iranians killed in Monday's protests

Iran announced that one of the people injured in Monday's protests has died bringing the number of people killed in the Febraury 14 protests to two. » read more

Basij chief says Iran threatened by sedition

Head of Iran’s Basij militia warned that he believes “more complex seditious activities” are on the way against the Islamic Republic.He added: “To reach their aims, they even organized the sedition of 2009 and fed 80 satellites with Persian language programs and used the collaboration of well-known figures to deceive the nation, but they failed.” » read more