Saturday, September 21, 2019 03:24

Bandar Abbas

Iran announces arrest of 109 NATO personnel in Bandar Abbas

The Iranian Air Defence Command announced on Monday December 8 that it arrested 108 NATO military personnel in Bandar Abbas as they tried to pass through Iranian airspace. » read more

U.S. confirms plane made landing in Iran

The United States has confirmed that a UAE airplane chartered by International Coalition Forces under U.S. command in Afghanistan was diverted from its route and landed at Iran’s southern port of Bandar Abbas, then continued on its journey to Dubai after a few hours. » read more

Rohani raises religious equality in Bandar Abbas

There is no discrimination between Shia and Sunni citizen rights in Iran, the Iranian president told residents of Bandar Abbas on Tuesday February 26. » read more

World Baha’i group asks Iran to probe murder

The International Baha’i community has called on Iran to immediately investigate the murder of Iranian Baha,i citizen Attaollah Rezvani in the city of Bandar Abbas. » read more

Latest dervish arrest seems linked to website

Iranian authorities have arrested another Gonabadi dervish, Abdolghafour Ghalandarinejad, in Bandar Abbas. » read more