Tuesday, April 07, 2020 05:47


UN condemns deadly bombings of Norooz celebrations

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the deadly attacks on Norooz celebrations of Kurds in northeastern Syria. Two car bombs exploded near groups of Kurdish people in Hasakah, where citizens were celebrating the arrival of the New Year on Friday evening, leaving 45 civilians dead and 63 others injured. » read more

Fars governor say MP’s attackers now identified

The Fars governor announced on Saturday March 14 that the assailants who attacked MP Ali Motahari have been identified. IRNA reports that Mohammad Ahmadi did not provide any further details about the “main perpetrators” of this attack but said “the identification of the other elements and those who set up this unacceptable move is under investigation and all necessary steps have been taken.” » read more

Activist files complaint over attack involving machetes

Iranian political activist Abdollah Momeni has filed a complaint with the judiciary for the recent attack against him near his home by two cyclists wielding machetes. » read more