Saturday, August 24, 2019 09:33

Arab community in Iran

Iranian-Arab activists draw harsh sentences

Preliminary court has sentenced four Iranian-Arab activists in Ahwaz to heavy prison terms after they had already spent more than two and a half years in jail. » read more

Dozens arrested ahead of Iranian-Arab protests

Human rights activists in Ahwaz report that scores of Iranian-Arabs have been arrested in anticipation of protests this coming Tuesday April 15 aimed at demographic changes allegedly looming over Arab communities in the region. » read more

Rights group calls on Iran to spare condemned Arab activists

Amnesty International is urging Iran to end human rights violations against Arab minorities in Iran. » read more

Death row prisoners in Ahwaz begin hunger strike

The five Iranian-Arab political activists on death row in Ahwaz have gone on hunger strike, according to human rights sources. » read more

Rights groups speak out for condemned Iranian-Arabs

The groups Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International called on the Iranian judiciary on Thursday January 24 to quash the death sentence against five Iranian-Arab activists, whom the rights groups claim were tortured and denied a fair trial. » read more

Rights group speaks up for Iranian-Arabs on death row

Human Rights Watch has called on Iran to stop the execution of Arab activists within its borders, announcing that five activists are currently in danger of imminent execution. » read more

15 arrested in Ahwaz protests

Fifteen people were arrested in Ahwaz last Thursday during protests against the execution of four political prisoners. » read more

Officials confirm execution of political prisoners

The Ahwaz intelligence office has officially announced the execution of four Iranian-Arab political prisoners to their families, a local source reports. » read more

Group hanging reported in Khuzestan

Human rights groups report that a number of Iranian-Arab political prisoners have been secretly hanged en masse in Khuzestan. » read more

Ahvazi prisoners may soon be executed

Five prisoners of conscience have been transferred from Karoon Prison in Ahvaz to an unspecified location, and activists fear they may be in imminent danger of execution. » read more