Monday, September 16, 2019 04:26

Ali Younesi

Rohani adviser touts intentions to teach minority dialects

Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs says the many languages in Iran are like branches of the Academy of Persian Language, stressing that the Rohani administration is determined to have Iran’s local languages and literatures taught in the country’s schools and universities. » read more

Rohani adviser denounces poor treatment of dervishes

The Iranian president’s adviser on ethnic and minority affairs says the treatment of dervishes in Iran in recent years has been “unfortunate” and “arbitrary” and against “the interests and laws of the Islamic Republic”. » read more

Rohani administration called powerless to end house arrests

President Rohani’s adviser Ali Younesi says the administration does not have the authority to end the house arrest of opposition leaders MirHosein Mousavi, Zahra Rahnavard and Mehdi Karroubi, adding: “We can only try to lay grounds for their release.” » read more

Rohani’s minority advisor faces challenges

Hassan Rohani’s advisor on ethnic and religious minority affairs has been the subject of serious attacks by the right-wing factions of the Islamic Republic administration, and according to Keyhan, he has been summoned by the judiciary to give certain explanations. » read more

Iranian broadcaster accused of thwarting government

Ali Younesi, President Hassan Rohani’s adviser on ethnic and religious minority affairs, says the national television broadcaster Seda va Sim is acting as opposition media against the administration. » read more

President’s advisor speaks for women in leadership positions

Iranian president’s chief advisor in ethnic and religious minority affairs Ali Younesi said in a press conference on May 3 that there has been a historical oppression of women in the country and the Iranian administration and legislation is patriarchal. » read more

Rohani administration puts minority language education on agenda

The Iranian president’s special aide for ethnic and religious minorities’ affairs has announced that the education of ethnic minorities in their mother tongue is on the government’s agenda. » read more

Iranian administration promises to appoint minorities to key posts

The Iranian president’s religious and ethnic minority representative said on Sunday December 22 that the administration is working toward appointing ethnic and religious minorities to key posts. » read more

Rohani’s aide slams execution of Kurdish reformists

The president's special aide for ethnic and religious minority affairs, Ali Younesi, expressed disappointment and concern regarding the recent executions in Kurdistan. » read more