Wednesday, September 18, 2019 01:00

air quality

Rain in Sistan Baluchistan brings respite from dust storms

The dust storms that had  plagued the people of Sistan Baluchistan since Friday have finally subsided to the arrival of the rain yesterday. The severe winds had brought the level of dust in Zahedan and other cities to 25 percent above acceptable levels. » read more

Ahwaz remains under dust for fifth day

Dust lingers on Ahwaz for the fifth consecutive day and the weather forecasts predicting rain have not come through forcing residents to remain home. » read more

Environment Dept. says dangerous gasoline eliminated

Iran’s Head of Department of the Environment has announced that gasoline produced by petrochemical plants have been completely banned across the country. » read more

Severe weather condition reported in west, east

Iran’s Meteorology Organization has warned the severe storms in Iraq will affect the western and southern provinces of Iran in less than forty eight hours and Khuzestan Province will face above fifty degrees Celsius temperatures. » read more

Air pollution far from acceptable in Khuzestan

Pollution in some Khuzestan cities reached 25 times the acceptable limit on Monday July 14, according to a report in the Shargh daily.

On Tuesday July 15, the Shargh Newspaper wrote that the head of environmental protection for Khuzestan said that Dezfool, Masjed Soleyman, Mahshahr and Ahwaz had reached levels ranging from 3,656 to 1,200 micrograms/m3 of suspended particles in the air, whereas acceptable readings should be 150. » read more

Tehran’s improved air quality linked to better gasoline

Yousef Rashidi, the head of the Air and Climate Division of Iran's Department of Environmental Protection, reported that in an unprecedented trend, Tehran’s air quality has not reached unhealthy levels in the past two months. » read more

Winter brings pollution spike to major cities

The first day of winter began will heavy pollution in Tehran, Mashhad and a number of other major cities across Iran. » read more

Tehran told to shut down offices, schools due to pollution

The environment branch of Iran’s ministry of health wants offices, schools and colleges in Tehran to be shut down due to heavy air pollution. » read more

Stimulant in rainfall sends hundreds to hospital

Ahwaz health officials say 1,500 people ended up in emergency rooms last night due to respiratory problems brought on by rain. » read more

Iran’s environmental chief says “illegal” satellite towers coming down

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment has announced that all “illegal” satellite reception towers designed to interfere with signals will be dismantled. » read more