Tuesday, April 07, 2020 07:18


Young football fans in Ahwaz clash with police

Report from Ahwaz indicate that a group of young football fans found themselves in conflict with the police on the sidelines of the football match between Ahwaz Foulad and Saudi team Al-Helal on Tuesday March 17. » read more

Stubborn dust pollution makes life, breathing difficult

Thick dust continues to disrupt life in the provinces of Khuzestan and Western Azerbaijan, keeping government offices and schools closed. Meanwhile, a number of cities in Lorestan and Ilam have also been affected by the dust particles, according to reports from Iran on Tuesday February 10. » read more

Dust problem escalates in Ahwaz, other cities

The concentration of dust particles in Ahwaz air has reached its highest levels in recent days, forcing people to stay home and avoid the streets. Following school closures, 11 Khuzestan cities have now closed all government offices as well. » read more

Ahwaz remains under dust for fifth day

Dust lingers on Ahwaz for the fifth consecutive day and the weather forecasts predicting rain have not come through forcing residents to remain home. » read more

Anger in Ahwaz over government inaction on dust pollution

Ahwaz residents took to the streets on Friday January 30 to protest the lack of any effective government action to combat the previous day’s dust storm, which pushed the concentration of air particles to more than 66 times the acceptable level. » read more

Ahwaz air pollution gets worse beyond measure

Air pollution in Ahwaz has grown five times worse since Tuesday’s air quality registers led to school closures, forcing them remain shut. » read more

Airborne dust forces flight cancellations in Khuzestan

Flights from Abadan and Ahwaz in southwestern Iran have been cancelled due to poor visibility caused by increased dust in the air. » read more

Heavy rains in Ahwaz cause respiratory problems

Heavy rainfall in Ahwaz on October 21 sent more that 1,000 citizens to hospital emergency rooms with respiratory complications. » read more

Prosecutor shot at by unknown assailants

Prosecutor General Alireza Bavi Khoramshahr was attacked by unidentified assailants in Ahwaz. » read more

Four Iranian cities rank among world’s 10 most polluted

The latest ranking by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) shows four Iranian cities are among the most polluted in the world: Ahvaz, Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Yasooj. » read more