Monday, August 26, 2019 10:07

Afghan immigrants in Iran

New Iranian school policy welcomes Afghan children

Iran’s Education Minister says the administration’s new policy states that no Afghan child should be denied the right to education in Iran. » read more

Afghan migrants in Iran face uncertain future

A delegation from the Afghan government is travelling to Iran to discuss the fate of 760,000 Afghan migrants in Iran, who resident permits may not be renewed and who may face deportation. » read more

Voices raised against barring of Afghans

Hossein Ebrahim, the Friday Mass Imam for Anar in Kerman Province, has been approached by residents to take action against new legislation that bars Afghan immigrants from living in certain provinces. » read more

Afghan refugees return home in hordes

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are leaving Iran because of economic hardship, which is exacerbated by the intensification of economic sanctions on Iran. » read more

Illegal residents being processed by the thousands: official

The head of immigration for Tehran Province has announced: “560,000 unauthorized citizens have been identified and processed.” » read more

Afghan refugees barred from two provinces

The head of Iran’s immigration office has announced that Afghan asylum seekers are not allowed to reside in the two Iranian provinces of Mazandaran and Hormozgan. » read more

Reports of immigrant restrictions untrue: official

A Fars provincial official has denied recent reports that claimed Afghan and other foreign nationals living in that province are to be refused food and medical services. » read more

Illegal immigrants denied food and services

Iranian media report that the Fars Provincial government has prohibited the sale of food and the delivery of public and medical services to “illegal immigrants” in the province. » read more

Rights group exposes discrimination against Afghans in Iran

Justice for Iran has sent a comprehensive report on the violation of the rights of Afghans residing in Iran to Ahmad Shaheed, the UN rapporteur on human rights in Iran. » read more

Afghan immigrants barred from specific provinces, studies

The Education Assessment Office, a branch of the Education Ministry, has published a list of areas of study that will no longer accept foreign nationals, as well as regions of Iran where foreign nationals such as Afghan immigrants are not allowed to reside. » read more