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  • Radio Zamaneh turns five years old

    Amsterdam – August 1th, 2011

    Radio Zamaneh the Persian language, progressive, unbiased, non-discriminatory source of news, analysis and opinion announces the fifth anniversary of its launch. » read more

  • Does Iran's Supreme Leader support summoning the president to Parliament?

    The proposed questioning of the president is the hot topic in Iranian politics these days, especially among Members of the Islamic Parliament. » read more

  • Debate surrounding Iran's first blinding-by-acid sentence

    In the past month, the Iranian media has been awash with news of the first blinding-by-acid sentence issued by the Iranian judiciary. Majid Movahedi, an Iranian man, was convicted of throwing acid on the face of Amaneh Bahrami, an Iranian woman who rejected his marriage proposal. Bahrami was left blind in both eyes and severely disfigured by the attack and her assailant has been in prison for the past seven years. » read more

  • Zahra Rahnavard, Fatemeh Karroubi: challenging the image of "women in the shadow"

    These days there is much discussion of two women who, in a departure from the usual treatment of the wives of jailed political activists, are kept prisoner along with their spouses in an unknown place. Two women who played particular roles in the various levels of the protest that developed following allegations of fraud in the presidential elections. » read more

  • Zamaneh is a free and independent media outlet

    Interview with Arjen de Wolff, Director of Radio Zamaneh

    Arjen de Wolff is the new director of Radio Zameneh, accepting the position from his predecessor Ruth Kronenburg. Radio Zamaneh sat down with its new director for a conversation. After expressing his appreciation for the tireless efforts of all the journalists who have been active in Zamaneh to this point, Arjen de Wolff emphasized that the biggest challenge facing Zamaneh in the coming months is to become economically self-sufficient, while also expanding its media production by exploiting the potential of citizen journalism and recruiting more citizen journalists. » read more

  • Message of Zahra Bahrami's execution to the world

    Zahra Bahrami, an Iranian-Dutch citizen, was executed in Tehran on Saturday Jan. 29. She had been arrested 13 months earlier, during massive protests against the presidential elections on the Day of Ashura, a Muslim Holy Day. That day — Dec. 27, 2009 — has became known as “Bloody Ashura” because so many protesters were killed, wounded and arrested. A leading Iranian human rights groups say this case, along with other recent executions, is provoking international activists to push back even harder against the Islamic Republic. » read more

  • On Boycotting Philosophy Congress in Iran

    Translator's Note: On November 10, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) canceled plans to hold its annual Congress for World Philosophy Day in Tehran. The Iranian government now claims that it will hold the event without UNESCO sponsorship. This congress, which was scheduled to be held on November 21-22, had been boycotted by a number of international philosophy scholars, including Jurgen Habermas. In addition, a group of Iranian philosophy scholars inside Iran and abroad had issued a Persian language "Call for Boycotting the Show Congress for World Philosophy in Tehran." Below are excerpts from an interview with Mohammad Reza Nikfar, an Iranian philosopher in Germany who was one of the signatories of this statement. This interview was conducted by Hossein Azarnoush of Radio Zamaneh on October 31, 2010. -- Frieda Afary » read more