Saturday, November 01, 2014 02:02
  • Iranian Government Spying in Social Networking Sites

    This is a field report about the indifference of internet users to the Islamic republic regime’s spying efforts in cyber space as it tries to identify those who are against the regime or certain policies.The only immunity for these users comes from their overwhelming multitudes and the undeniable prevalence of opposition to the regime. Despite this immunity, they have to possess a certain civic courage and regard the freedom to use the internet as a right, while paying attention to certain security details and maintaining awareness of human predators active in various government bodies. » read more

  • New Hope for Vali Asr Cedars

    After decades of decline the tall old cedars lining Vali Asr Avenue, the main artery of the Iranian capital, have become the focus of a city revitalization project.

    Ali Mohammad Mokhtari, CEO of Parks and Green Spaces of the City of Tehran announced the approval of a project to replenish the remaining old cedars on Vali Asr Avenue as well as to plant new ones to replace the many trees that have fallen and died in the past decades.  » read more

  • Museum Cleansing Targets Work of Sculptor, Parviz Tanavoli

    Tehran Municipality has announced that it is looking at “cleansing” its museums, and there is some concern among Iranian artists that the city is considering auctioning off the works of prominent sculptor Parviz Tanavoli. » read more

  • New Budget to Prevent Suicide

    The Ministry of Welfare has set aside a budget of 10 billion rials to control and reduce the country’s rate of suicide, a phenomenon that, according to official statistics, has claimed more than 30,000 lives across the country over a 10-year period. » read more

  • Who is failing Iran's forests, Environment Department or Parliament?

    This spring flames of fire soared higher than ever in the forests and rangeland of Iran. Golestan National Park caught fire a number of times burning down or severely damaging over 1000 hectares of the trees. The situation begs the question who is responsible for putting out and preventing these raging flames? » read more

  • Why UNESCO recognition eludes Iran’s Mount Damavand

    Iranian nature lovers must delay their hopes of having Mount Damavand, one of the country’s most distinctive features, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization says the registration of Mount Damavand on the Natural and Cultural World Heritage list will not be possible unless several government bodies collaborate on the project. Massoud Soltanifar added that the presence of multiple governing bodies in the area is the biggest obstacle to placing Mount Damavand on the UNESCO list. » read more

  • Spreading Decline of Zagros Oak Forests

    Decline and destruction of Zagros oak forests has been accelerating at a rapid pace in the past five years and despite many warnings, no solution has been so far implemented to protect these highly valuable natural resources. While numerous meetings and seminars at taking place on this issue, an unknown pestilence is progreesively drying out the entire oak forests of Zagros. » read more

  • Ministry of Health Concerned over Sale of Iranian Kidneys

    Iran’s Charity Association for the Support of Kidney Patients (CASKP) says the Ministry of Health has to establish protocols to prevent the sale of Iranian kidneys to foreign patients. The ministry’s response, however, is that the Society must be held accountable for this problem. » read more

  • Tattooing, a lucrative business in Iran

    Tattooing, risen to an unprecedented demand gaining a wide market in many countries across the world, has also become a top earning occupation in Iran. While tattooing is actually illegal, it is being offered overtly in all beauty salons and spas in all the major cities of the country. » read more

  • Female Musicians Banned from Stage in Isfahan

    Female musicians are not allowed to go onstage and give live performances in Isfahan. Mohammad Qotbi, the head of the Isfahan Culture and Guidance administration and also a member of the clergy, compared music bands to the national football team, saying that just as there are substitutes for players on the football team, music groups should also have substitutes for their females players. » read more